Our Services

We are a premiere provider for the Department of Health and Human Services, Probation and Community Response. We have some of the highest outcomes for permanency and reunification in the state. We offer a wide range of services to the individuals and families that walk through our doors. Anywhere from family support services, in home safety services, foster care support, visitation, and clinical services.


Family Support and Safety Services

Family support, parenting time / supervised visitation, in-home safety, and substance abuse screening services  are provided to enhance and strengthen families and to assist them to function as independently as possible.  Providing education, through a coaching model, services are family-centered, community based and culturally competent. The primary focus for Family Support Services is the safety and well-being of the children.  Family Support Services address goals that are developed to strengthen the needs of families while protecting Nebraska's youth. 

  • Individualized service plans tailored to needs.

  • In home and community settings.

  • Skill Development.

  • Access to community resources.

  • Minimum of weekly contact with probation officer/case worker.

  • Role-model behavior.

  • Supervised visitation to ensure a safe environment for growth.

  • In home safety services for home-based intervention and reintegration of the family unit.

  • Random drug screenings as requested by Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Utilizes the evidence based parenting model of Nurturing Parenting.

Foster Care Services

Foster Care Services provides agency-supported, relative and kinship homes which are designed as an out-of-home placement for a wide variety of youth. Placements are made by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Probation. The foster care program has the capacity to care for individuals including victims of abuse, neglect, severe emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as those involved in the juvenile justice system. The combination of family-based care with specialized treatment interventions create a loving environment that supports the strengths and needs of the youth in care.

  • Emergency Planning

  • Respite care

  • 24 hour support for foster homes

  • Weekly visits by trained staff

  • Monthly documentation

  • Trainings provided to foster parents to enhance their education of the child welfare system.

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Intensive Family Preservation

Provides in-home family-focused, strength-based crisis intervention services designed to maintain children safely in their homes and to prevent the unnecessary separation of families.

  • Stabilize and strengthen families

  • Clinician guided treatment plans

  • 24-hour crisis support

  • Parent management training

  • Works with all members of the family

Tracking / EM Services

Tracking services provides community based one on one support through mentoring and role modeling to youth who are at high risk in specific areas.  The Tracker will assist the youth in development of skills to support risk reduction by increasing awareness in areas of basic living skills, education, employment, relationship building and pro social activities. We also use electronic monitoring to increase effectiveness in supervising youth who are required to abide by conditions of the court and/or have behaviors which put themselves or their community at risk.  This service also allows for supervision for youth who need their time accounted for.

Tracker Services

  • Weekly face to face contacts

  • Collateral contacts

  • Allows youth to remain in the community

  • Reduce risk and recidivism in target areas

  • Increase skills to transition to lower levels of service

Electronic Monitoring

  • GPS monitoring device

  • Reporting provided to Probation Officer

  • Allows youth to remain in home

  • Records youth whereabouts at all times

  • Permits youth to attend rehabilitative services in the community



Intensive Family Reunification

Provides intensive therapeutic and skill building interventions to families whose children have been removed and placed out of the family home for an extensive amount of time.  Intensive Family Reunification improves parenting capacity as well as children's well-being, and families are safely reunified because of their change in behavior.

  • Clinician guided treatment plans

  • 24-hour crisis support

  • Discharge training

  • Connect families with concrete support

  • Build parental resilience and foundational parenting knowledge