GetFit Home


GetFit Home

It's Time to GetFit 

Better Living is happy to announce that we are ready to help each other GetFit. We aren't focusing directly on weight loss this resolution year... Instead we are focusing on the more important aspect of fitness:  Health

If you end up losing weight while participating, then that's a positive side effect. We mostly want to try and get you up, moving and thinking about your health. Whether you know it or not, you are directly a positive role model to a lot of the kiddos with whom we work. Displaying positivity, commitment and compassion is already something you're good at, but being health conscious is important as well. 

Three Different Programs, and a Bonus too!

You can participate in all, one or none of these programs if you like.  It's up to you! 


StepUp is a program where we focus on getting up and moving around.  It is impressive how big of a difference that simply getting up and walking around can make on your health and even your productivity.  StepUp gives you the ability to track your movement and input the information for stat tracking and possible competitions. 


It is proven that quitting cigarettes can have a dramatic impact on your day-to-day health.  Over a time period as little as a year, you will see a dramatic change in your sleeping patterns, your ability to exercise without losing your breath and overall mood.  ButtOut lets you track your smoking habits and gives you a place to converse with others trying to tell the stinkies to Butt Out!


Fitness Forum is a Facebook group that, along with ButtsOut, allows our employees to share fitness techniques, recipes, diet tips and workout hints.  Just like with your career, things are easier if your well informed and collaborate with others! 

Anytime Fitness

Better living has partnered up with Anytime Fitness to give employees a %10 discount on most of their services.  See the flyer here to see all the benefits.  Better Living staff should* also be able to sign up at Anytime Fitness in all home office locations and only pay $1 for the sign on fee until February 17th 2016! 

*This offer is guaranteed for all 3 Lincoln Anytime Fitness locations and probable at locations in Beatrice, Nebraska City, Columbus, Fremont, and South Sioux City.  Act fast to enroll for $1 at an Anytime Fitness near you! If you are not granted this discount contact Julie or Mathew so that we can look into this. 

Lincoln 405 S 29th ST Suite C - 402-742-7777

Lincoln 4131 Pioneer Woods DR  402-488-7777

Beatrice 2317 N 6th ST #10  402-228-2277

Columbus 114 24th ST  402-564-3488

Fremont 2415 E 23rd ST  402-727-7919

Nebraska City 1556 S 11th ST  402-713-5124

Sioux City 4700 Morningside Ave  712-224-2475

Sioux City 3023 Hamilton BLVD  712-252-5555


It's Time To Live Better with Better Living!


Better Living will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained during your participation of this GetFit program.  Your participation in this program is completely voluntary; therefore, all employees are individually responsible for all aspects of participation, progress and success. 

Fitness Forum

Fitness Forum

Fitness Forum

The Fitness Forum requires that you have an account to access.  LUCKILY, you most likely have it.  Fitness Forum is a part of the BLCS GetFit Facebook group

Please remember to remain Positive, Encouraging and of course appropriate..

Get Talking!





1. Want it

You have to actually want to quit.  If you think really hard about it and have any doubts about whether you want to quit, then you need to keep thinking about it. Quitting smoking is, and will be, one of the most difficult things you do in your life. You will need help, but first, you will have to want it yourself. If not for yourself, find a reason why you want it.  Is it so that you never have to smell that ashtray smell? Is it to be a better role model for your family?  Is it so that you can be with your family a little bit longer? 

There is no action on your part in this step.  You have to pick a date before you are really committed. 


2. Pick a Date

Coming up on the New Year and being asked what you want to do for your resolution and deciding that you want to kick the butts, is not enough time to prepare. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest habits to break and, therefore, needs preparation time.  Pick a date, inform your loved ones and colleagues about the date, and enjoy what little time you have left with those little vice grips.


3. Crush Um!

The date that you picked has finally come!  You have mentally prepared and knew the day was coming.  Time for the worst week of your life, but yet, the most rewarding future!  Take every cigarette you have and smash them.  Throw away your lighters and your ashtrays.  Find the way to both symbolize your cutting ties with your stinky friends and limit your ability to cheat later.  Don't use the excuse about being wasteful.  Don't give them away. You need to show them who's boss. 


The ButtOut Forum requires that you have an account to access.  LUCKILY, you probably have it.  ButtOut is part of the BLCS GetFit Facebook group

Get Talking!




BLCS StepUp Program

BLCS is proud to offer the new StepUp program. This program is focused on promoting healthier lifestyle choices and giving you the metrics you need to get yourself motivated. This program allows you to submit your daily numbers, set goals and then request a copy of your submission history. Start out by filling out the request for a BLCS StepUp pedometer and reviewing the pedometer help page. Information submitted through this program is confidential.  This information will only be shared with YOU at YOUR request.

Log Today's Numbers

Name *

StepUp Setup

StepUp Setup

Preparing to Step Up

Preparing your BLCS Step Up pedometer is simple.  Remove the pedometer from the box and place it face down.  Locate the small clear plastic strip on the back of the device.  With a firm grip, pull the strip out.  You may need to wiggle the plastic strip up and down as the strip is secured quite well.


Working with your Pedometer

Your pedometer has 3 buttons, a Mode, Set and Reset button.

Mode switches between the three display modes of the pedometer.  The three display modes are Step, Distance and Timer.  The Step mode is the default mode, this is where you will be able to see how many steps you have taken since the last time you have reset the pedometer.  Distance allows you to get a rough estimate to how many miles you have walked since the last time you have reset the device.  Timer is just a counter, that ticks up to see how long its been since the last time you have reset your device. 

Set brings you in to the one setting menu for your pedometer.  This menu allows you to set the distance each step is in inches.  If you are a shorter individual, you may want to adjust this down if you feel your steps are not being recorded.  In reverse, if you are a taller individual, you may want to adjust this up. 

The Reset button is the button you will use daily to reset your steps and distance. To reset your steps, just open your pedometer, and hold down the reset button till it beeps, or resets to 0.