BLCS Family Visitation Centers

Better Living Counseling Services Inc. provides family friendly visitation centers in many locations. Our family centers provide clients with an ideal location to spend time with their families in a way that mirror’s the home environment. At Better Living, we are proud of our success rating with children and parents. We are one of the only family service providers who has achieved 100% successful permanency for 3 consecutive months. Our clients feel comfortable, cared for, and most of all, they leave our family centers feeling valued.


A quiet place to bond

Our family centers are equipped with multiple family room style areas, where you and your family can talk, play games, play with toys or watch television together. Families matter to us, so we have separated the rooms from each other in order to give your family the ability to focus on each other by not being distracted by other families or other outside influences.

Plenty to do

Our family centers offer multiple activities in which you can interact with your loved ones. We provide toys, games, puzzles, art supplies, books and even smart televisions that can provide appropriate programming for you and your family.



All of our family centers provide access for anyone who may require special accommodations. Each family center has ramp access, accessible ADA compliant restrooms and plenty of space to navigate from one area to the next. Spending time with your family should be your only concern.

Please call us today to schedule a tour of one of our family centers. 402-746-0104